This is John Shifflett's web page. Just the bare bones. Nothing fancy. Don't expect much.


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Music stuff

Here's a copy of my (more-or-less) current Bio . There's more detail and formality in my Vita .

And here are a few pictures of me playing .

Also, you _HAVE_ to take a look at some of my pals' web pages:
Jason Lewis
Paul Nagel
Ann Dyer
Anton Schwartz
Taylor Eigsti
My brother Jim (he's a physicist!)
Scott Sorkin

And here's something we're sure you'll like - check out my collection of TV music !

Linux stuff

Nothing really here yet...    Not too much in my ftp area either.

Other stuff

Here's some interesting fanmail (refers to the NLS recording; apparently from somewhere in North Carolina).
Here's an amusing (and all too true) spin on a scene from the movie "The Sixth Sense".
How's our UPS power supply doing?
How's our motherboard doing?
Here are graphs of temperature and fan sensors.
Here are graphs of mail server stats.

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